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The North American Gas Heat Pump Collaborative is a registered 501c3 with a mission to move gas heat pumps to the forefront of the efficient appliance economy.

What is a Gas Heat Pump?

Whether you’re looking for a technical explanation or just want a simple illustration – our About Gas Heat Pumps page describes how gas heat pumps work.


What’s the Latest on Gas Heat Pumps?

Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc (SMTI) Raised $15M to Commercialize Residential and Commercial GHPs

SMTI, a leading developer of high-efficiency heat pump technologies using natural refrigerants, and Energy Impact Partners (EIP), announced the closing of its Series-A in early November.

The investment, totaling $15 million, enables SMTI to commercialize a new generation of highly energy-efficient heating products, including a gas furnace and water heater replacement for single-family homes, and gas water heater replacement for commercial applications. This initial product offering will be manufactured and marketed in North America under their Anesi™ brand and has the potential to reduce residential and commercial building heating bills and carbon emissions by as much as 50% with no required infrastructure upgrades. Read the announcement here.

Advanced Hybrid Heat Pump System Installed in Toronto

Enbridge Gas Inc. has installed a first-of-its-kind Advanced Hybrid Heating system, a dual-fuel residential heating and cooling system where a gas heat pump (GHP) is paired with an electric heat pump (EHP) to maximize the benefits of hybrid heating.

In a conventional hybrid heating system, a furnace and an EHP are combined to heat and cool a home. In the Advanced Hybrid Heating System, the gas furnace is replaced with a greater than 120% efficient GHP resulting in the most efficient home heating system available on the market. The GHP also provides domestic hot water for the home.

This new Advanced Hybrid Heating System has been installed in a single-family house in the Greater Toronto Area for field testing. It will provide space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water heating for the household. A smart fuel switch controller will run the system in any of the following modes: GHG (Greenhouse gas) reduction mode, utility cost-saving mode, and comfort mode. The performance of the system will be monitored for one year to quantify energy saving, greenhouse gas reduction, and occupant comfort. Test results will be available in Q4, 2023.

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What We’re Working On

The Collaborative has been busy developing resources for stakeholders like you. Check out what we’re working on below.

Residential HVAC GHP Manufacturer Outreach

The Res HVAC GHP Committee is starting to engage with key residential GHP manufacturers. The purpose of this outreach effort is to build partnerships and future engagement by understanding the manufacturers technology, market strategy and roadmaps.

Residential and Commercial GHP Collateral

The Res HVAC GHP Committee is developing collateral for residential and commercial applications that details the value proposition of GHPs. These Collaborative-branded, one-page marketing materials are intended for internal and external audiences.

Commercial GHP Collateral

Expected soon, the Collaborative will publish an opportunity brief on Commercial HVAC GHPs. Sign up here to be notified when the brief is published.


Upcoming Events

There’s a lot going on across the industry related to gas heat pumps. Check out these upcoming events.

Collaborative Events

NAGHPC Webinar – December 14, 2022
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Related Industry Events

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Midwest Energy Solutions Conference – January 31 – February 2, 2023, Chicago, IL
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DistribuTECH – February 7-9, 2023, San Diego, CA
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ACEEE Hot Water Forum & Hot Air Forum – March 7-9, 2023, San Diego, CA
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AESP National Conference – February 27 – March 2, 2023, New Orleans, LA
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NEEA Efficiency Exchange Conference – May 2-3, 2023, Portland, OR
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Other Collaborative News

Changes to Committee Leadership

Holly Braun (NW Natural) has stepped into the role of Chair, Recruitment and Membership Subcommittee. Mila Barbour (FortisBC) joins Jackie Nagel (Nicor Gas) in leading the Communications Committee.

More About the Collaborative’s Committee Organization

The Collaborative houses two technical Committees focused on Residential GHP technologies: Gas Heat Pump Water Heaters, led by Aaron Winer (NEEA) and Farzin Masoumi Rad (Enbridge), and HVAC GHPs, led by Randy Opdyke (Nicor Gas) and Aqeel Zaidi (Enbridge). The Collaborative Communications Committee is led by Jackie Nagel (Nicor Gas) and Mila Barbour (FortisBC).

Reporting to the Board of Directors are the Collaborative’s Recruitment and Membership Subcommittee, led by Holly Braun (NW Natural), and the Audit and Finance Subcommittee, led by Scott Dodd (Enbridge), who also serves as the Collaborative’s Treasurer.

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